Aix-en-provence weddings are one of the most popular destination wedding venues in Europe.  Enjoy your wedding in a chateau, villa or beautiful Cathedral.

Aix was once a Roman spa, then the capital of the region of Provence. Romantic streets, stately houses, and art are what make the city popular. With a young, upbeat feeling, Aix-En-Provence, has several attractions. The Maurel de Ponteves mansion is where Cezanne, an impressionist painter, grew up. Check out some contemporary artists works at the Vasarely Foundation, and the 17th-century balcony at the Town Hall. If you are visiting between July and early August be sure to see if there are any festivals to attend, the jazz festival in August is especially popular.

For a beautiful Aix-en-provence wedding, register with Weddings on the Move.  We will be able to customize your Aix-en-provence wedding based on your wedding and reception needs.

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