Bavaria weddings are one of the most popular destination wedding venues in Europe.  Enjoy your wedding in a chateau, villa or beautiful Cathedral.

The area of Bavaria is a magical and romantic place, with majestic mountains, beautiful rivers, and enchanting castles. Bavaria is actually divided into three different groups, the “Old Bavarians”, the Franconians, and the Bavarian Swabians. If you want to see beautiful scenery and do a little wine tasting, then Franconia is for you. There are a number of different routes to drive, which is probably the best way to see the breath-taking scenery in the area. The Alpine Road, passing sights like the Bavarian Alps and Lake Constance appeal to skiers and observes of nature. You can even take a cable car up to the peak of Zugspitze, which is Germany’s highest mountain. When you get to the top, you will see the mountains of Germany, Austria, Italy, and Switzerland, often called the “Panorama of 1000 Mountain Peaks.” Definitely take the Romantic Road, which is Germany’s oldest and most famous tourist route. Here, you will pass the Wurzburg Residence, and the Wies Church that are both UNESCO World Heritage sites. Along this drive you will also pass the Neuschwanstein Castle, which is probably the world’s most famous castle. This fairy-tale castle was built for King Ludwig II, has been featured on numerous brochures, and also inspired the castle at Disney World. Come and experience the living fairytale, mystery, and romance of Bavaria.

For a beautiful Bavaria wedding, register with Weddings on the Move.  We will be able to customize a quote for your Bavaria wedding based on your wedding and reception needs.

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