Crete weddings are one of the most popular destination wedding venues in Europe.  Enjoy your wedding in a villa, church, or on the beach.

Crete is Greece’s largest island, dry and mountainous with flowing streams and pretty beaches. This city has numerous historical sites to see, and lovely cities to visit. The city of Iraklion is home to one of the best collections of Minoan relics at the Archaeological Museum. Knossos is the most visited place on Crete. It has ruins that date back to the 15 century BC, and a number of the buildings have been reconstructed to the way that they had originally looked. Stop at Diktean Cave where Zeus was born, and grab a bite to eat at one of the cafes in Agios Nikolas. Crete is also an excellent place for relaxing on the beach and snorkeling, windsurfing, and water-skiing. With all these sites to see, Crete is definitely a must-see on any tour of Greece.

For a beautiful Crete wedding, register with Weddings on the Move.  We will be able to customize a quote for your Crete wedding based on your wedding and reception needs.

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