Cuernavaca weddings are perfect for the cultural wedding couple.

Cuernavaca is in the north-west corner of Morelos, a small state bordering the Federal District which is packed with history and contains many world heritage sites. With a reputation for being the "City of Eternal Spring." Cuernavaca (altitude 1542 metres) has a mild and pleasant climate and superb sub-tropical gardens. A hill city out of the valley of Mexico it mostly has beautiful warm, sunny days, and cooler nights. It gets hotter for a few weeks in the spring, before the rainy season commences. Because it mostly rains at night, you can generally relax in the sun year round. You may need a light sweater or jacket in the evenings and an umbrella may come in handy in the rainy season. Yet many tourists miss Cuernavaca's real charm. Behind its high walls there are magnificent gardens and homes. On the edges of the city are villages that have scarcely changed in 100 years. You will be fascinated with the contrast between the sophistication of suburban wealth and villages carrying on traditions of remarkable historical continuity. Cuernavaca's plazas, colonial architecture, gardens, museums and churches will keep the visitor and historian in you happy for days. Ringed by mountains, the city offers delightful vistas. Tucked away in cobble stoned streets and behind high walls you will find magnificent houses, many of which are now fine museums, galleries and delightful garden restaurants.

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