Guadalajara weddings are for the true Mexicans at heart.

Tequila, Mariachi music, and the hat dance. What do these items have in common? They were all born in Guadalajara and they are still well known throughout the world. Guadalajara is Mexico’s second-largest city. The climate is mild year round. This seems to aid in the popularity for being a retirement area. Winters are spring like and summers can get a little warm. May is the driest month, rainy season is June through October and hurricane season is August through November. FYI for women, shorts are NOT considered appropriate attire on the street, even in the warmest months. For those of you who are true tourists here are some ideas. You can visit the twin-towered cathedral. Construction started in 1558, but more than four centuries of remodeling, repairs, and earthquakes have made it a blend of architectural styles. The cathedral has stained-glass windows, painted ceilings, high vaults, and eleven altars which were donated to the church in the early 1800s by the king of Spain. Guadalajara’s flower markets are also fun to visit. One of the largest zoos in Latin American is the Guadalajara Zoo. It is near Huentitan Canyon which is a 2,200 feet canyon carved by the Santiago and Verde Rivers. For tourists who enjoy a little adventure bullfights are generally held on two Sundays each month September – January at the Plaza Nuevo Progreso. Visitors can also take tours of the Cuervo company’s tequila ranch and distillery. The town of Tequila is located about 30 miles northwest of Guadalajara. This region is the only place in the world where true tequila can be made. The tour gives you a whole different perspective on tequila and an appreciation for the finer, aged versions known as “sipping” tequilas. Have a great time visiting this exciting city of Mexico.

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