Manzanillo weddings offer the perfect beach setting for your Manzanillo wedding.  The beaches are a 10!!!

This is the home of Manzanillo (mahn-zah-NEE-yo) , a small slow-moving port town which manages to combine bustling activity with some of the most laid-back resorts of the Pacific. Set in the heart of Mexico's Pacific Riviera is a stretch of lush tropical bays, mountains and jungles called the Gold Coast. Until the 1970s, there was only a scattering of small hotels catering to vacationers on Manzanillo's beaches. Then came Antenor Patino, a tin magnate from Bolivia. He envisioned and created a fantasy-land resort property on the dramatic hilly slopes of the Santiago Peninsula, which separates Manzanillo's two bays. Las Hadas ("The Fairies"), as the resort is known, was completed in 1974 and soon became one of the most talked-about architectural phenomena in Mexico. With a gleaming white castle that looks like something out of "Arabian Nights," it flaunts Moorish towers, turrets, arched corridors, and flying pennants. The international jet set soon discovered Manzanillo. Las Hadas may have put Manzanillo on the tourist map, but a sexy young woman with corn-row braids did more to enhance the city's image than anything else before or since. It was on Manzanillo's beaches that Bo Derek and Dudley Moore frolicked in the movie "10" back in 1979. "10" set the stage for an influx of American vacationers looking for a romantic escape in Manzanillo. This is not the sort of place where you spend the day sightseeing and shopping, then return to your hotel. Here, the expansive resort hotels are your destination. Except for beach-hopping or fishing excursions, there's little reason to leave. The hotels pride themselves on providing some of the best amenities and facilities in all of Mexico. Shopping is somewhat limited but you are sure to find the Mexican souvenires which are so popular back home. Other tourists come for the deep-sea fishing - it is the sailfish capital of the world - while for many the reliable sunny weather and vistas of coconut palms against the blue Pacific which are irresistible. And romance is still a big draw here. Manzanillo is probably one of the least-known resort areas in Mexico. That's largely because it hasn't yet gone the mass tourism route, preferring instead to cater to a small but loyal following of repeat customers. With its slow pace, warm subtropical climate, miles of beaches, and scenic backdrop of verdant jungle, Manzanillo is a place to relax, take it easy, and bask in the luxury of it all.

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