Puerto Escondido

Puerto Escondido weddings are the perfect setting for the returning visitor to Puerto Escondido.

For surfing fanatics the small town of Puerto Escondido is a wonderful spot for you to vacation at.  Puerto Escondido has a perfect crescent-shaped bay which is superb for surfing. There are two surfing competitions each year, one during the summer and another in November. Playa Zicatela is on the south side of town and is considered to be one of the top five surfing destinations in the world. The seven beaches and open-air restaurants, shops, and hotels make this town a great place to visit. Puerto Escondido means “hidden port” and it truly does live up to its name. It is a sleepy coastal village with fishermen fixing their colorful nets and locals riding along side the sandy streets on burrows. The surfers also add to the laid-back atmosphere.

For a romantic Puerto Escondido wedding, register with Weddings on the Move.  We will be able to customize a quote for your Puerto Escondido wedding based on your wedding and reception needs.

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